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Buying a home is a big deal.

My Front Door understands that figuring out how to buy a home—and actually buying one—is one of the most complicated decisions a family can make. But it's also one of the most life-changing ones: for you and for future generations. That's why we take our approach so seriously. We're with you every step of the way.


Application Process

The application process is more than just filling out some forms; our staff carefully evaluates your eligibility based on a number of factors to determine whether or not you and your family would be a good match. We have a 100% success rate for program completion so we know what it takes to succeed!


Financial Preparedness Education

Once accepted to the program, a 12-week financial preparedness phase begins. These classes prepare families for home ownership, engage in budgeting, credit repair and credit building activities, provide quarterly training on relevant topics, and build civic leadership skills.


Savings Phase

During the 18-24 month savings phase, My Front Door provides savings support to a buyers' minimum $2,400 down payment, based on eligibility. Funds provided are in the form of a second mortgage, which is forgiven at 20% per year for five years during the process of purchasing a home from our Certified Housing Counselor.


Program Completion & Evaluation

Once families complete seven years with My Front Door, official participation in the program is complete. Some families choose to stay in their homes for many more years; some families plan to sell their homes and apply what they've learned to a new home purchase. All families remain My Front Door families, though—we cheer their success every step of the way, and encourage them to continue their involvement with My Front Door through numerous volunteer opportunities.


Maintenance Phase

We mean what we say when we pledge our support to you and your family. The maintenance phase lasts five years; during this time, families learn to maintain or improve the value of their home, engage in mentoring activities, meet quarterly for family visits, attend at least two quarterly training activities per year and continue building wealth through additional investments. Additional retirement planning, education and career planning or advancement is also encouraged during this time. During years 2-5 of home ownership, families are encouraged to improve the value of their home and neighborhood through an annual $1,000 maintenance grant from My Front Door.

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