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My Front Door is

about education.

Once accepted to My Front Door, participants attend courses designed to understand finances and the homebuying process so they can begin to build their wealth in a sustainable, accessible manner.

My family and I are current participants in the My Front Door Program. We are currently in the class phase of the program and are excited about buying our first home. Before this program we were slowly working on our credit and didn’t quiet understand how to buy a home. We were clueless. My husband and I live within our means, struggled with paying off debt, and understanding how the process of working towards homeownership works even though it is one of our biggest dreams to give to our daughter and to have for ourselves. Both my husband and I were foster children, so having our own home is a very important thing to us. But we didn’t know how to make that dream a reality.

Our biggest barrier towards buying a home is the ups and downs of our commission life and the fact that my husband and I do have very different money personalities. This class has taught us that my husband and I need to communicate better with money and how our personalities work with money. It is also teaching us how to budget living half with a semi-monthly pay and half commission pay budget with communication and responsibilities resting on both me and my husband. We'be become a lot more of a united front because of this; we didn’t argue before but, now that we have our goals aligned and we are communicating better, I feel like we have better control over our money. We have been able to pay off a credit card since beginning this class and also, we have been disciplined enough to pay off some debt when we managed to come into a little extra money.

Megan Garrett, Cheyenne, Wyoming

When I first came to this program, I was in a transitional phase. I was a newly single mother of two, going through a difficult divorce. I was desperate to get my life together and began a vocational training program for single mothers. It was at this program that I heard about the My Front Door Program and began to consider that my future could hold even more possibilities than I could ever have imagined.  

My greatest barrier to homeownership was overcoming my divorce, repairing my credit, and learning how to control my spending. Being able to sit down with someone to make a plan for how to get my credit straightened out or how to plan out how I will be spending and saving my money each month, and then having to check back in with that person to make sure I am meeting my goals, has really helped me to stay on track! I created a plan with goals and steps to help me get to where I wanted to be.The support that I get from the program has made such a difference in helping me to get to where I am today.

I actually use a budget now and know exactly what bills I am paying and when they need to be paid! I used the help from all of my meetings to pay down my debts and bring up my credit score. My income has even increased! I have never felt better or more in control of my finances!


Staci Frain, Cheyenne, Wyoming

My Front Door is

about savings.

All participants must successfully complete a savings phase in their preparation to become homeowners. During this time, they're able to apply what they've learned in program classes and stay on track. No aspiring homeowner is ever left to simply "figure it out," and that makes all the difference.

My Front Door is

about support.

My Front Door has a 97% success rate because it's different: participants continue to receive support after purchasing a home for five years. This allows homeowners to continue learning, budgeting, and planning for the future with the help of program staff and volunteers.

My husband had filed bankruptcy before the program and I had been recently divorced. We were both struggling financially and credit wise. Our greatest barrier to home ownership was our credit. The biggest benefit from the program for our family is helping us to get our credit in line and to stay on task via the regular meetings involvement in the program and commitment to our family. It is changed our life by providing a safety and security helping us to recognize our financial challenges and creating a Home for our family.


Our family has a place they call home and I would recommend this program because Kristen  is amazing I had seen her handle so many hard situations and come out helping many many families to be successful and continue to grow. I am truly grateful for this program.

Barb Hoover, Cheyenne, Wyoming

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