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  • How do I know if I'm eligible for the program?
    There are qualifying criteria including income (HUD Area Median Income Limits) and home-buying history. Please contact program staff at (307) 514-5831 with specific questions of concerns.
  • What is the selection process like to be accepted to the program?
    Interested participants are encouraged to fill out an application, which is accepted on an on-going basis. Applications are reviewed along with personal interviews in a competitive application process. Successful candidates will be asked to sign a program agreement.
  • What if I'm enrolled in a welfare program—does that disqualify me?
    Being on emergency or supportive services does not disqualify you, but we will help you create a clear path to building your personal wealth now and for many years to come.
  • I'm a recovering drug addict/alcoholic. Does this mean I'm not eligible?
    Not at all, in fact working with our Family Advocate to set and achieve SMART Goals can complement some of your recovery goals.
  • Do I have to have kids to be eligible?
    Yes, applicants must have children to be eligible.
  • What if I lose my job while I'm in the program?
    Success isn't just having a job, or being healthy, or completing your education or having stable relationships—it is in fact all of the above. My Front Door takes a holistic approach with support, strategies, and referrals proactively and in weathering the unexpected. We even help you adjust your home-buying plan and budget to get you back on course in the event of an unexpected life change.
  • What if my marital status changes while I'm in the program?
    You will have the advantage of working with a Certified Housing Counselor that will help you re-craft your home-buying plan to establish a new budget and timeline.
  • How do I apply?
    Please contact the office for an application or follow the link below. Applications may be returned in person or by mail to: My Front Door P.O. Box 21682 Cheyenne, WY 82003
  • What is the deadline/cost to apply, and how many people are in each class?"
    Applications are accepted on an on-going basis without a cost to apply. The maximum class size for each session is ten households.
  • Where are classes held?
    Classes are held at locations in both Laramie County and Albany County.
  • How long does the program last?
    PHASE 1: (12 weeks) Financial preparedness classes – classes prepare families to be knowledgeable buyers that are ready for home buying process; classes are in a group setting. Participants also learn budgeting skills, engage in credit repair and credit building activities with our Family Advocate, a Certified Housing Counselor one on one as a part of SMART goals building. PHASE 2: (18-24 months) Savings Phase – My Front Door provides budget guidance to support participants in saving 3.5% of your purchase price or a minimum of $2,400 to go toward the purchasing a home. During this time participants are meeting on a minimum of a quarterly basis to set and achieve SMART goals as well as continued educational opportunities. PHASE 3: (5 years) Maintenance Phase – during this final and longest phase, families learn to maintain or improve the value of their home, engage in mentoring activities, meet quarterly for family visits, attend at least two quarterly training activities per year and continue building wealth through additional investments, retirement planning, education, and career development/advancement.
  • What is the time commitment to be involved?
    Phase I - once a week for twelve weeks plus 1-2 budget and SMART goal sessions Phase II - once a quarter for SMART Goals and once a quarter for continued training opportunities Phase III - once a quarter for SMART Goals and once a quarter for continued training opportunities
  • What should I expect from classes?
    Upon completing the Home Buyer class, participants will understand the process of home buying and ownership from the beginning of a budget all the way through understanding escrow and building equity. Participants will craft their own personal home buying plan based on the budget and SMART Goals they establish.
  • What do I do with my kids during program classes?
    While you are in class the kids are on premises and well-taken care of including a snack. You will have ample opportunity to check in (if you like) during class breaks.
  • Do I get to have input on where I live?
    Participants will shape their own home-buying future. This includes figuring out what works best for their household; size, type of neighborhood, and other considerations will be evaluated.
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